Artevia® Collection: Decorative Concrete

Set your imagination free.

The Artevia® Collection Decorative Concrete is a collection of decorative indoor concrete and outdoor concrete. Available in an array of vibrant colors, patterns and textures, the Artevia Collection is a stunning design material with all the traditional advantages of concrete such as low maintenance and high durability in any type of environment. Ideal for home owners, architects and landscapers alike, the Artevia Collection offers unrestricted creativity on any project: it can be molded like any concrete, when fresh, or pounded like stone, when hardened, to create new texture concrete. Combine it with brick, metal, wood or grass for a wealth of possibilities!




Artevia Stamped

Brings durability beyond traditional flooring products and unique finishes to outdoor spaces. Our professionals optimize mixes to reveal the selected pattern at its best




Artevia Exposed

A robust exterior concrete that has a graveled finish, allowing the natural beauty of the stones to take center stage.




Artevia Polished

A smooth concrete with a texture like polished marble, designed for indoor use. Polished can maintain its beauty in the toughest environments such as showroom floors, but can also bring luxury to small spaces while feeling smooth underfoot.




Artevia Boreal

An original decorative solution that enables to enhance actions on public and private projects, during day and night throughout the return of a colored and soft light.

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