Concrete and Nature in Harmony with Hydromedia®: Centennial College


Covering the entire sloping ground of Centennial College Campus is impossible? Not with Hydromedia®, LafargeHolcim's pervious concrete! Its fluidity and drying time responded to these geographical constraints. Moreover, its pervious and filtering qualities contributed to achieve LEED certification.


The Centennial College campus in Toronto has undergone a major transformation, with the construction of new buildings and a landscaped park dotted with mini-gardens which are very popular with students.

Covering the 26,000m² terrace imposed various technical constraints on the project managers, to which only Hydromedia™, LafargeHolcim's pervious concrete, could respond, the first challenge being the sloping ground. The product’s fluidity of application and moderate drying time made it well suited to this geographical difficulty. The pervious and filtering qualities of Hydromedia™ also contributed to preserving the water table and providing natural irrigation for the mini-gardens, as well as the meadows and trees around the campus.

Finally, students’ safety was improved in winter, with a notable reduction in the formation of ice. This project helped the campus achieve LEED* certification.