More Flowable with Agileflow®: Interstate 10 Corridor


Hurricane Katrina was one of the most destructive natural disasters in U.S. history. The storm had a devastating impact on Louisiana’s infrastructure, most critically, a major section of Interstate 10 (I-10) that connects New Orleans to its suburbs across Lake Ponchartrain.

The resulting project to restore this vital connector included two phases; the first to repair the completely impassable existing bridge structure to allow traffic to return to I-10, and the second, to construct a new Twin Span Bridge. Each bridge span is 5 miles long and 65 feet wide. The significant challenges associated with the construction of the bridge included delivering the concrete over water to the point of placement and ensuring a high quality, workable product on arrival. Specially-designed concrete was transferred into agitators on a barge and then dispatched onto the lake to be received by the pump hopper.

To accomplish this, the mix was “put to sleep” for approximately two hours before placement with no loss in performance. Agileflow® Self-Consolidating Concrete (formerly known as Agilia) was used for the concrete pile fill due to its flowable and stable properties. The completion of the Twin Span Bridge marked a significant milestone in the recovery of the Gulf Coast region in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and restored a crucial link in the I-10 corridor.

Clients: Boh Brothers Construction Company LLC (Phase 1)

Traylor, Kiewit, Massman Joint Venture (Phases 2 & 3)