Less Labor Cost with RAPIDFORCE®: Minnesota Gas Station


It’s no secret that today’s construction industry is experiencing a major labor shortage. According to the Associated General Contractors of America, labor market conditions are only going to get worse as the demand for construction increases over next few years.1

So when Aggregate Industries introduced Truseal America to a new ready-mix concrete paving solution that would save them nearly 2 weeks’ time and save them significant labor costs, they were ready to make the switch.

The Challenge:

Truseal America needed to re-pave two car lanes at Holiday Gas Station’s busy location in Chaska, Minnesota. Traditionally, Truseal America would use Aggregate Industries’ high-early mix, but even high-early mixes need 7 days to cure and gain proper strength. Truseal America would have also taken a phased approach to construction to minimize the impact of construction—doubling the amount of time their laborers would have to spend on site.

The Solution:

Aggregate Industries introduced Truseal America to RAPIDFORCE® (formerly known as Chronolia), an innovative mix that can be designed to deliver the same strength that an ordinary mix gains in 28 days, in only 4 to 48 hours. Although the mix achieves high strength rapidly, the design slump is maintained throughout the process. Truseal America paved both lanes successfully and turned the entire project over in only 24 hours.

“Chronolia® helped us complete what is traditionally a 2-week project in only 24 hours, saving us significant labor costs. Our customer was happy to see their lanes were open for business in only one day,” said Steve Tjornhom, owner at Truseal America.