Construction Trends: Get a Snapshot of the Market with Three Market Indicator Reports


Construction has always been a boom-bust industry. While the industry is enjoying a boom cycle, there’s always an underlying level of uncertainty as to when the market will begin to experience the next slowdown.


Indicators can be subtle: architectural billings, inflation, gross domestic product and population growth are just some of the signals economists use to predict the health of the market. If you’re looking to take a proactive approach in planning for the ups and downs of the market, there are many resources that can help you draw conclusions of what the market is going to do in the short- and longer-term. Here are three essential market indicator reports that provide quality information, and they’re available for download today.

Architectural Billing Index 

Published by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), this monthly report is a leading economic indicator for non-residential construction activity, with a lead time of approximately 9 to 12 months. The AIA distributes a monthly survey to their Work-On-The-Boards Panel, a large group of architectural leaders who share their take on local business conditions.

How to Subscribe: Visit AIA's Architecture Bilings Index Page to download reports and subscribe to their newsletter.

Dodge Mometum Index

The index is designed to specifically focus on patterns within the commercial and institutional segments of the industry. The index serves as a full-year leading indicator of future construction spending and demand for construction products and services based on proprietary project information. Since 2000, Dodge Data & Analytics has been gauging construction momentum by measuring commercial and institutional building spend in planning. The Dodge Momentum Index is a unique 12-month leading indicator of construction spending for non-residential building.

How to Subscribe: Visit Dodge's website and you can download all of their reports here. 

Consensus Construction Forecast 

This report projects business conditions over the next 12 to 18 months and drills into building segments, such as office, health and education.The AIA also publishes an in-depth, bi-annual indicator report that surveys leading construction economists from across the United States. This report aims to gain consensus from top research organizations such as FMI, Dodge Data & Analytics, Wells Fargo Securities, LLC and more.

How to Subscribe: You can visit AIA's Consensus Construction Forecast page and dowload the latest report today. 


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