Custom Building Envelopes

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Thinner Ductal® blends creative potential, technology and aesthetics to offer you the perfect building envelope for a range of versatile purposes. Whether you’re looking for a second skin to protect your building from sunlight, or to provide insulation or impact resistance, our custom building envelopes feature fiber­-reinforced ultra­-high performance concrete (UHPC) and beautifully fine surfaces in a multitude of textures and colors.



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Low porosity means resistance to abrasion, carbonation, penetration of chloride ions and freeze/thaw. Resistant to fire without additional chemical treatment, making it ideal for use on housing projects and public buildings

Ensure the singularity of your project through a variety of colors, textures and shapes. 

Competitive Solution.
Ductal® rainscreen cladding adapts to any project demands. It unites resistance and strength at a competitive price. Better still, use and maintenance costs are reduced because of the panel's durability.