Porous Granular Embankment

A durable granular fill solution.

Growing in use across the country (and specified by the Illinois Department of Transportation), Porous Granular Embankment, or PGE, is an elegant solution for improving sub-grade in large industrial projects and road construction. It’s a larger size aggregate which, when placed in loose measure, will “bridge” over poor subgrade through particle to particle interaction (interlock). The result — a surface that is less expensive to construct, yet more durable and can support more weight.


Discover its Benefits

Fast construction: PGE does not need compaction — so can be placed in larger lifts with less equipment. PGE can be placed in lifts up to 24 inches thick, versus the six to eight inches which is commonly used. No place test for density is needed.

Reliable: The large rock is less susceptible to shear deformation, and therefore more durable under heavy, repeated loadings. Especially in high water table areas, poor subgrade conditions challenge the performance of haul roads. With PGE, haul roads can last for the project duration.    

Cost efficiency: saves on the cost of placing and grading site fill. Drives down placement costs, because no compactor is needed. PGE is spread by end dump trucks and can be graded by a sheepsfoot compactor with attached blade.



Porous Granular Embankment Data Sheet (pdf, 1.79 MB)

Materials That Perform: Porous Granular


  • Heavy haul roads
  • Construction entrances
  • Crane pads
  • Oil field padsWet subgrade
  • Railroad sub-ballast






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