Ductal Shotcrete

A New Evolution.

Ductal Shotcrete is the next evolution in UHPC technology. Allowing for use in applications where forming and pouring is too cumbersome or impossible to complete, Ductal shotcrete creates an accelerated construction timeline while still maintaining high strength and durability.  Spray application allows for introduction of material in horizontal, vertical and overhead applications with reduced rebound, high build layers and ease of use. 

Material Benefits:

Reduced work time over traditional shotcrete systems or other repair techniques

Reduction of thickness of necessary material by more than half (maintain similar dimensions in repair of existing structures)

High level of long term durability

High level of resistance to chloride ingress, abrasion, collision / impact, and freeze-thaw cycling

Elimination or reduction of traditional mesh or rebar reinforcement

Common Projects and Applications:

Reinforcement of metal culverts

Structural strengthening

Difficult access applications

Repair & protection of existing structures

Tunneling and mining

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