Ductal® Ultra-High Performance Concrete

Achieve beauty, strength and durability with Ultra-High Performance Concrete.

More than six times stronger than conventional concrete, Ductal® is appropriate for even the most extreme conditions. Reinforced by metallic or stainless steel fibers, the unique, high-tech matrix of this ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) allows it to stand up to the most demanding of structural application challenges. Features include imperviousness, chemical resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, and ductility, among others.  

Ductal is an innovative solution for the most demanding engineering applications, including bridges and roads – as well as creative architectural projects, such as rainscreen cladding, breathtaking facades, and custom structural elements and sunshading. Whether you're reinforcing a dam, building an iconic bridge, or designing efficient, affordable, aesthetic housing, Ductal offers the right combination of form and function to make sure your project is a success.

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Discover its Benefits

Specifically designed and developed for architectural applications.
Provides architects and designers with the freedom to create complex textures, surfaces and shapes for a wide range of applications.

Exceptional strength, ductility and durability for engineering projects of all shapes and sizes.
Where optimized long-term performance is a must, you can count on Ductal's unique mechanical properties and exceptional durability to meet all your UHPC needs.

A dedicated team of experts will help guide you to the perfect solution for your project or design.
Our team of trained architects, engineers and contractors knows exactly the types of challenges you face and how best to respond. We speak your language and can help develop the right Ductal solution that fits your project and budget.

Ductal® Ultra High Performance Concrete


  • Joint fill for bridges
  • Regeneration and reinforcement of metal culvert
  • Hydraulic structures, such as dam reinforcement
  • Floor reinforcement in buildings
  • Rainscreen cladding
  • Custom building envelopes, such as brise soleil, roofs and perforated facades
  • Structural element