Ductal® Ultra-High Performance Concrete

High-strength concrete designed for performance.

Ductal is the world leader in Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) products. Combining the revolutionary technologies of a high performance cementitious matrix and high strength fibers, Ductal is able to provide superior qualities in strength, durability and aesthetics. 

Superior qualities in compressive, tensile and flexural strengths combined with high abrasion resistance and relative impermeability allows for Ductal to be used in a wide range of applications. Common applications include some of the most demanding structures- including everything from bridges, roads and civil structures, to the most creative architectural projects with stringent requirements for energy efficiency and aesthetic qualities.  For selection of the correct product please consult the guide below or touch base with your local Ductal representative. 

Ductal Structure

Precast or poured in place, range of solutions offer responses to varied design and site conditions.  

Ductal Overlay

Overlay solutions to implement Ductal from flat surface to applications with a 15 percent slope.

Ductal Architecture

Ductal mix designs with color consistency monitoring and assurance.  Available with premix in gray or white colors and with PVA or Stainless Fiber options.   



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