Ductal Architecture

Realize your Creative Ambitions.

Whether you’re building the next iconic museum or stadium for your city or designing efficient, affordable, modern and aesthetic housing, offices or storefronts, Ductal offers the right combination of form and function to make sure your project is a success. Choose between custom-made shapes, colors and textures for breathtaking façades, roofs or latticework, or opt for our standardized rainscreen cladding solution for the perfect mix of beautiful mineral design and the competitive pricing you need.

Featuring options with different fiber and application options, Ductal Architecture provides a color-stable and more consistent premix ideal for use in aesthetic applications. By ensuring higher similarity between orders, customers with the necessity to provide aesthetically consistent products in casting lines will enjoy high levels of replicability.

Ductal Architecture PVA Fiber

Ductal Architecture PVA Fiber

High flowing, Self-Compacting design for use in traditional molds while minimizing labor. PVA fiber provides strength for use of “self-weight” applications (not supporting additional loads) or tactile objects. Available in grey and white pre-mixes.

Ductal Architecture Steel Fiber

Ductal Architecture Steel Fiber

High flowing, Self-Compacting design for use in traditional molds while minimizing labor. Traditional steel or stainless steel fibers provide strength for applications where strength is a necessity.  Structural supporting elements, columns, and architectural applications are some examples of this. Available in grey and white pre-mixes.

Ductal Architectural Spray

Ductal Architectural Spray

Used for application in intricate molds or where a back-mold is too costly or time consuming to use, Ductal architectural spray utilizes fiberglass fibers in specialized spray equipment to allow for higher spray return up vertical surfaces and thicker spray layers. 

Material Benefits:

Light color makes integral coloring easier

Color consistency allows for multiple pours to remain within tolerance

Minimize sectional thickness and/or remove installation hardware needed

High level of replicability from intricate molds and forms

High strength allows for increase in level of perforation

Common Projects and Applications:

Rainscreen cladding

Custom building envelope

Structural elements

Replication of historic architectural elements

Interior and exterior furniture

Specialty precast

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