Ductal Structure

Ductal’s workhorse product, Ductal Structure, is the universal UHPC solution for infrastructure, industrial and commercial applications. Forming and pouring is straightforward due to the high flow, self-compacting nature of this product. 

Utilized in all environments and with unique and variable applications, Ductal Structure provides superior mechanical strength, resistance to environmental conditions and long-term durability.  Available in versions for normal, accelerated and extended set times, tailor Ductal to your localized jobsite conditions. 

Material Benefits:


Self-compacting quality is ideal for placement in difficult locations

Resistance to wear and exposure

Reinforcement of existing structures

Use in accelerated timelines

Different formulations to adjust to conditions

Accelerated options to reduce closure period

Common Projects and Applications:


Joint fill

Structural strengthening

Reduction section beams and girders

Hydraulic structures

Marine and high exposure

Pier jacketing and column enlargement

Commercial buildings

Industrial applications


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