Duraload™: Build a Better Floor


Less shrinkage, fewer joints

If you’re a flatwork contractor, you know that owners who develop and build industrial facilities, warehouses and other commercial buildings want extended or jointless flooring. These flooring systems are more durable, safer for people and machinery and they result in lower maintenance costs over the building’s life cycle.

Our Duraload flooring solution is a revolution for interior concrete slabs. This mix design is based on “crack control technology” developed after several years of research. For contractors like you, Duraload is easier to place and results in higher loading strengths, less shrinkage and less joints.


An Efficient Building System That Your Team Can Place

Duraload provides owners with a quality floor that they need, but it also provides contractors like you with a solution that reduces the headache of having to hire specialized applicators. Other extended or jointless slab systems require a specialized network of applicators for placing and finishing, causing contractors added cost and uncertainty. Duraload gives contractors the capability to place and finish without adding an additional trade.

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