ECOPact Low-Carbon Concrete

Low-carbon construction starts with the right materials. 

Eco Label for EcoPact

Concrete is the most reliable and widely used building material in the world, with a whole host of advantages. Technical benefits such as stability, heat and fire protection mean people choose it over and over again for today’s ever-improving infrastructure and impressive buildings. That’s why, as the demand for more sustainable solutions and developments in research increases, we’re offering a comprehensive range of products to meet the evolving needs of our customers—without compromise. 

ECOPact is the industry’s broadest range of low-carbon concrete for high-performing, sustainable and circular construction. ECOPact is sold at a range of low-carbon levels, from 30% to 100% less carbon emissions compared to standard (OPC) concrete. Where regulatory conditions allow, ECOPact products integrate upcycled construction and demolition materials, further closing the resource loop.


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EcoPact Brochure (pdf, 838.93 KB)

EcoPact Range Graphic


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