ECOPlanet Cements

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Every day we have opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint—and help create a better world.  We believe cement can help do that, too. ECOPlanet™ Cements help reduce the CO2 intensity of our cements—and our stringent quality controls mean they can handle the most demanding infrastructure applications, like highways and bridges.

Products under the ECOPlanet Cements series include NewCem® Slag Cement, MaxCem® Blended Cement and Tercem3000® Blended Cement. Many of these products incorporate supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) and byproducts from other industries that offer sustainable and performance advantages for those who construct buildings of all kinds. Their use as a partial replacement for portland cement not only results in more durable, high-performance concrete but also lowers energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. For every ton of clinker replaced by SCMs, CO2 emissions are reduced by approximately 0.8 ton.

MaxCem® Blended Cement

A blend of slag cement or granulated blast furnace slag and Portland cement, MaxCem® is suitable for use in virtually all concrete and concrete product applications.

Fly Ash

Added to cement, fly ash can improve workability and consolidation, as well as increase flexural and compressive strengths.


Download Technical Data Sheets

  • NewCem® Slag Cement Spec Sheet (pdf, 1.05 MB)
  • MaxCem® Blended Cement Spec Sheet (pdf, 1.18 MB)
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