Extend Your Construction Season: Common Applications for Chronolia®


Crisp and cool weather usually signals a slowdown in construction. If you’re a concrete contractor, you may be getting ready to hang up your hard hat and defer some of your projects until next construction season. You may not have enough labor to keep up with demand. But you don’t have to hang up your hard hat just yet. Chronolia, a special brand of concrete fromLafargeHolcim, can achieve 3,000 PSI in 12, 24, 48 or even 4 hours depending on the formulation. Savvy contractors across the country are finishing their project pipelines, gaining revenue and streamlining their labor with Chronolia.

Click on the photographs to learn more about common applications that benefit from Chronolia:


In today’s construction environment, savvy contractors are turning to more advanced materials to combat labor shortages and inefficiencies in construction. Chronolia is developed and tested by LafargeHolcim, a leader in building materials, so you can trust that our mixes offer reliable results on every pour. All over the world, LafargeHolcim is advancing the science behind concrete so our customers can perform at a higher level and build better.