Four Concrete Solutions to Consider During the Age of COVID-19


Across the country, contractors are faced with managing new expectations and procedures as we navigate through the new normal. With an increased focus on health, safety at the jobsite is more important than ever. According to Deloitte’s report Understanding the Sector Impact of COVID-19, general contractors are expected to experience shortages and delays in their supply chain due to COVID-19. While the outlook on concrete supply remains positive, concrete contractors have the opportunity to add value and help their customers remain safe and productive during these times. Here’s how.

Reduce Time and Labor to Lower Risk

Until there is an effective vaccine or treatment for COVID-19, the risk of infection on jobsites is very real. If infections become prevalent among any of the trades, those individuals who have been exposed will need to self-quarantine for 14 days, according to guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Concrete contractors can do their part to help everyone stay healthy and productive by wearing proper PPE and using specialty concrete mixes that reduce the amount of labor needed on projects. The self-flowing nature of Agileflow® Self-Consolidating Concrete allows crews to avoid side-by-side work, speed up production and it works well in a variety of applications. Watch how Agileflow works with minimal labor in the videos below.



Catch Up on Lost Time

While projects that were well underway before COVID-19 continued, many planned projects have been delayed. There are no real indicators as to when these projects will start, but you can gain competitive advantage when they do.

Whether the general contractor has lost time due to delays in another area of an ongoing project or you’re looking for ways to work through your backlog, RAPIDFORCE® High-Early Strength Concrete rapidly accelerates strength gain while maintaining workability. RAPIDFORCE mixes are rigorously tested and designed to deliver the same strength that an ordinary mix gains in 28 days, but in just 48, 24, 15, 6 or even 4 hours. RAPIDFORCE is great for accelerating road construction, ramps and approaches, concrete walls, post-tensioned decks and other applications.

Go Digital and Increase Remote Productivity

Perhaps one of the silver linings of the new normal is it’s encouraging us to explore digital tools in order to ramp up safety efforts. These tools are also making work easier for administrative professionals who are working from home.

If you’re looking to increase your staff’s productivity at home, our DirectAccess Customer Portal allows administrative professionals to pay bills online, access important documents and reduce the need for paper that’s usually passed along. E-invoicing is more conducive to remote work. E-invoicing allows your team to get invoices delivered to their inbox instead of their office mailbox.

Our innovative app ConcreteDirect quickly evolved from offering our customers an easy way to track their orders from start to finish. Now it’s helping our on-site customers promote safety at the jobsite. ConcreteDirect offers a fully contactless experience for on-site deliveries that eliminates the need for any paper exchange or signature requirements. This feature automatically generates a detailed proof of delivery ticket containing time stamped GPS location and delivery details within minutes of the truck leaving the job site.

ConcreteDirect also is using QR codes to improve efficiency and promote social distancing. From a safe distance, on-site customers can also scan a specific QR code and all that’s required is a quick scan from an inspector and your job can continue without interruption and without having to exchange any documents.

For more information on how our solutions can help you navigate these times, contact your local sales representative.