Reaching New Heights with Agileflow®: Louis Armstrong International Airport


Louis Armstrong International Airport is Louisiana's primary commercial transportation hub and the gateway for millions of travelers each year to the city of New Orleans, legendary for its rich history, richer food and good times. The airport has 17 airlines providing service to 59 nonstop locations, including international destinations.

Louis Armstrong International has achieved great success over the last several years as it continues to grow and improve travel to and from the Greater New Orleans region. In 2016, the airport experienced a 21 percent growth in nonstop destinations and for the first time surpassed 11 million passengers served.

The Challenge:

To ensure its continued success as a world-class travel destination and hub for commerce, Louis Armstrong International needed to expand its transportation and logistics infrastructure to accommodate exponential growth in future passenger traffic and cargo volumes.
The new state-of-the-art, 972,000-square-foot North Terminal features two concourses with 35 gates, a consolidated checkpoint, seamless connections between concourses, and more than 3,400 parking spaces in a garage and surrounding surface lots. It also includes 429 massive concrete columns built by Gibbs Construction to create an iconic building that reflects the region’s modern, upward trajectory.
According to Tom Davis, project manager for Gibbs Construction, one of the biggest challenges in constructing the tall and complex columns was finding the ideal mix that would perform on a variety of levels.

The Solution:

To meet the stringent performance criteria for this challenging high-vertical application, Gibbs Construction relied on high-strength Agileflow® (formerly known as Agilia), an advanced self-consolidating concrete that was custom-designed to achieve the optimal flowability, workablity, and strength requirements needed to successfully construct the structual columns. The specified design strength on this project was 7,000 psi; however, the customized Agileflow mix consistently achieved strengths of 11,000 psi at 28 days.

Other benefits of using the customized Agileflow product included superior non-segregation properties, high-quality finished surfaces and improved production schedules and job safety due to the elimination of vibration requirements.
For Gibbs Construction, the use of the custom-designed Agileflow mix was a tremendous success. “The Agilia® concrete was a great solution to our production challenges, and I would definitely recommend using it in other projects with high vertical work,” Davis said. “Due to the product’s superb self-consolidating properties, there was no need for vibration and the finish was nice and smooth, which was a huge benefit in terms of time and labor cost savings.”
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