Tru Lite Lightweight Aggregate™

Lighten up on the environment.

Reduce the weight of your structural concrete. Tru Lite Lightweight Aggregate supports Green Building because it contains blast furnace slag — recycling slag this way means reducing use of non-renewable resources. The resulting aggregate offers unique benefits with diverse applications throughout the construction materials industry.


Discover its Benefits

Increases fire resistance, sound absorption and more.

  • Fire resistance: expanded slag aggregate even outperforms options such as expanded clay, shale and slate
  • Sound absorption, by more than 50 percent vs. normal weight concrete masonry
  • Pumping characteristics and finishability


  • Weight: Tru Lite in concrete reduces dead load; therefore the size of foundations and columns may be reduced
  • Thickness of floor slab: because the slag component adds fire resistance, it’s possible to achieve the desired fire rating with a thinner floor
  • Heating, cooling, insulation costs, because of the lightweight aggregate’s chemical composition, and the air that becomes trapped in the material
Aggregates That Perform: Trulite


Meets ASTM C331 “Standard for Lightweight Aggregates for Concrete Masonry Units,” and is appropriate for:

  • Lightweight concrete masonry
  • Structural lightweight and semi-lightweight cast-in-place concrete
  • Low-density precast concrete units
  • Low-density mortars for radiant heat floor and refractories
  • Geotechnical low-density engineered fill
  • Insulating concrete fill
  • Concrete roofing tile and ballast
  • Ground cover and soil-less mixes.
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