Rainscreen Cladding Solutions

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Our industrialized Ductal® UHPC (Ultra-High Performance Concrete) cladding panel solution is designed to meet the specific requirements needed for a variety different buildings. The use of our fiber-reinforced ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) offers durability, low-porosity, resilience and ductility, ensuring your façade will stand the test of time.

Combined with our standard attachment systems, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently install the customized rainscreen cladding panels of your choice. Our Ductal® solution also combines with other materials and several insulation techniques, including external thermal insulation (ETI) systems. Contact the Ductal® team for more details and if you have specific questions on your project.



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Discover its Benefits

Low porosity means resistance to abrasion, carbonation, penetration of chloride ions and freeze/thaw. Resistant to fire without additional chemical treatment, making it ideal for use on housing projects and public buildings

Ensure the singularity of your project through a variety of colors, textures and shapes. 

Competitive Solution.
Ductal® rainscreen cladding adapts to any project demands. It unites resistance and strength at a competitive price. Better still, use and maintenance costs are reduced because of the panel's durability.