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Most industries and municipalities are looking for ways to minimize their environmental footprint, and work to achieve specific sustainability goals. We share your objective of a cleaner, zero-waste future.

Materials That Perform: Whitehall Geocycle Waste Management

A concern for environmental sustainability is at the core of our value system, and we integrate sustainability as a priority across our products and operations. To our customers, we offer:

  • Sustainability consulting: Our team can guide you in choosing the best building and infrastructure materials to reach your goals.
  • Our Geocycle brand: A leader in innovating ways to help industries and municipalities minimize their environmental footprint, Geocycle recovers the thermal and chemical value of waste by using it as fuel and recycled material to manufacture cement. Geocycle maintains a network of more than 50 operations that together comprise one of the world’s leading providers of waste management services. Additional information for Geocycle.
  • We operate C&D landfills to help you manage materials on projects that generate clean waste from construction activities – for example, road reconstruction projects and building demolition. Our expertise in landfill operations can help landfill operators manage issues such as daily cover and capping, using our cement kiln dust and aggregates products.
  • Coal combustion residuals: Whether concerning power generation and the beneficial reuse of coal or use of residuals in the manufacture of cement, the coal fired power industry can greatly benefit from engaging with us.
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