Sustainable and Stunning with Artevia® Collection: Warrior Ice Arena


With a landmark 68-foot-high hockey stick, the beautiful new state-of-theart practice and training complex of the Boston Bruins hockey team, which opened in September 2016, might just provide the inspiration for bringing the iconic Stanley Cup back to Boston.

Located at the mixed-use Boston Landing development in Brighton, Massachusetts, the 75,000-square-foot facility, named “Warrior Ice Arena,” includes an ice rink with seating for 660 fans.Designed to achieve LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council, it also features vibrant and sustainable walkways and courtyards created with Artevia® Collection decorative concrete.


The Challenge:

To create a visually attractive entranceway to the arena, the architects specified a smooth decorative concrete finish for the street-level walkways and an exposed decorative concrete finish for a 2,000-square-foot elevated courtyard.

The design called for unique colors, textured effects and other creative elements to achieve a vibrant and architecturally exceptional hardscape. For example, the creative concepts for the exposed concrete courtyard detailed precisely placed curvature lines to illustrate hard cuts made by a hockey player and exposed white stones next to the lines to illustrate ice shavings kicked over by the skating blade.

The ability of the hardscape to reduce the urban heat island effect and contribute toward LEED certification of the Warrior Ice Arena also was important. This required the concrete to have a high solar reflective index value that would qualify for a credit under the sustainable sites section of LEED 2009.


The Solution:

To achieve the architects’ design ambitions, Aggregate Industries US presented a stunning array of Artevia® Collection Color and Artevia® Exposed samples produced with white and gray cement, along with unique colors and aggregates.

The Artevia® Collection also included an integral coloring treatment to achieve a high solar reflective index value that conforms to LEED requirements for reducing the urban heat island effect.

As the final step in the preconstruction process, Aggregate Industries US collaborated with Triad Associates Inc., a preferred partner specialist in exposed aggregate and colored concrete, to produce Artevia® Collection mockup panels at the job site to ensure the customer was pleased with the final actual colors and concrete quality.