WeatherMix®: Year-Round Concrete

Achieve consistent pour times regardless of weather.

WeatherMix® Year Round Concrete is specially designed to tolerate colder and warmer conditions than normal concrete. WeatherMix is ideal for residential, commercial, industrial design professionals, owners, and contractors because of its versatile concrete products for cold and hot weather climates. 

WeatherMix tolerates temperatures outside the ideal range (50 ̊-80 ̊F) for traditional concrete placement, so you’ll no longer have to worry about the ideal temperature for pouring.

WeatherMix’s controlled and predictable setting time leads to more consistent slab finishing, as well as lower and predictable labor costs for contractors.

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WeatherMix® Product Brochure (pdf, 531.07 KB)


Discover its Benefits

Temperature tolerant.
Designed to tolerate temperatures outside the ideal range for concrete placement.

Saves time.
Reduces heating and protection time in cold weather.

More predictable.
Controlled setting times leads to more predictable labor costs.