Why Ductal

Ductal is an Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) that presents exceptional strength, durability and aesthetic qualities. The structural qualities of Ductal make it suitable for a wide range of applications. Ductal is ideal for replacing traditional materials when lightness, aesthetics and durability are required.


Ductal is an exceptionally durable material that exhibits excellent resistance to deterioration.

These characteristics enhance long-term performance, provide for longer service life, and reduce the required maintenance.

This durability and longevity are attributable to the remarkable material properties that are inherent in this class of material; namely its imperviousness, chemical resistivity, freeze-thaw resistivity, scaling resistivity, and abrasion resistivity, to name a few.

Exceptional Strength

Ductal is significantly stronger than conventional concrete offering compressive strengths up to 30,000 psi (more than 6x stronger than conventional concrete).

This exceptional strength is achievable due to the optimized particle-packing matrix that comprises this class of material.

The high strength and ductility of Ductal allows engineers to optimize their designs by reducing the size and/or number of structural elements required to achieve their design objectives.

Texture and Replicability

Texture and Replicability

The self-consolidating nature of Ductal allows for any pattern or finish to be applied with high levels of definition and replicability. These traits allows for freedom of design and expression with few limitations.



Ductal can be colored integrally or with a post-applied finish in any color allowing for long-lasting beauty through the life of your structure. 



Ductal precast elements are produced and distributed by our network of licensed manufacturers and precasters. All of our manufacturers and precasters are selected specifically for their ability to produce Ductal according to a strict production process.

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