Fly Ash

A recycled material that enhances your mix.

Fly ash is a fine powder that comes from coal combustion, typically resulting from power generation,  and one of the construction industry's most commonly-used pozzolans.

Pozzolans are siliceous or siliceous/aluminous materials which can form cementitious compounds when mixed with lime and water.

Cement That Performs: Fly Ash

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Discover its Benefits

Concrete applications: In a properly proportioned mix with Portland cement, fly ash can improve many of the properties of concrete, including:

  • Improved workability and consolidation
  • Increased flexural and compressive strengths
  • Improved pumpability
  • Reduced drying shrinkage
  • Reduced bleeding and segregation
  • Decreased permeability
  • Increased resistance to ASR and sulfate attack
  • Reduced water requirements

Fly ash provides a significant contribution to sustainable construction. Considered a recycled material, its use in concrete production consumes less energy and offers improved efficiency and building performance. Fly ash can contribute to the achievement of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points. For each ton of fly ash used in place of traditional cement, a reduction of slightly less than one ton of carbon dioxide is achieved.

Cement That Performs: Highway


  • Concrete
  • Concrete Products Structural fill
  • Stabilization of aggregate bases
  • Soil stabilization
  • Soil drying






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