OneCem® Portland Limestone Cement

Performance and workability with a lower carbon footprint.

You count on cement for strength and durability in what you build. Now you can count on it for something else, too: a reduced carbon footprint. OneCem creates less CO2  than traditional Portland cement. It’s a big step up for sustainability—and it makes everything you build that much better.

OneCem offers the same level of performance and workability you expect from standard cements. But, because it’s manufactured with quality limestone, it uses less clinker than the traditional manufacturing process and reduces CO2 emissions by five to ten percent per ton of cement. OneCem is currently distributed throughout Colorado, Texas and Oklahoma.


OneCem is the one cement you need. Use it in a variety of applications and collectively we can build a better world. 


cement plants cmyk

Can be used seamlessly as a direct substitution for ordinary Portland cements in mix designs. It produces similar results – strength, workability and durability, as well as color and aesthetic – when compared to standard Portland Type I and II cements.


strength cmyk

Hydrates with synergies that enable enhanced setting and strength performance, especially in combination with supplementary cementitious materials. Add slag or fly ash to further enhance performance and further reduce your carbon footprint.


sustainability cmyk

Design and construction professionals can take advantage of using OneCem and know that they’re making an impact on the environment. OneCem can improve concrete sustainability and performance equal to or better than ordinary Portland cements.

Materials That Perform: Architectural Concrete


  • General ready-mixed concrete
  • Architectural precast  
  • Structural precast
  • Concrete block
  • Paving
  • Geotechnical
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