Rainbow Mortamix Custom Color Masonry Cement

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Twenty-four percent or more of the visual surface of any masonry wall is mortar -- so we know that designers and architects appreciate its importance as a design element.

We offer possibility. With the largest selection of standard colors on the market today (plus custom colors developed by our lab), Rainbow Mortamix Custom Color Masonry Cement enables walls to be created as one, unified design. More than 70 colors offer countless options for color compatibility or exciting contrast with masonry units

Cement That Performs: Rainbow Mortamix

Discover its Benefits

QualityTechnological advancements used in our precise manufacturing process help achieve a superior finished project. And, we manufacture Rainbow in accordance with appropriate ASTM specifications.

Dependability and consistencyLaboratory-controlled consistency assures uniformity and durability -- now and in the future. Colors are manufactured with the highest quality pigments, durable under ultraviolet radiation for use outdoors.   

WorkabilityArchitectural sample panels are available in all standard and custom colors, in either masonry cement, or Portland/lime blends in types N, S and M.  And, our convenient packaging saves labor, and is more cost effective at the job site.


  • Exterior masonry walls

Download Technical Data Sheets

  • Rainbow Custom Color Masonry Cement Spec Sheet (pdf, 1.07 MB)
  • Holcim Mortamix Rainbow Custom Color Mortar Cement Spec Sheet (pdf, 742.59 KB)


Use this palette as a guide only. Speak to a local sales representative to obtain samples.

  • Charcoal Gray:
  • Dark Gray:
  • Honeysuckle:
  • Old Lime Putty:
  • White:
  • Old Irish Tan:
  • Light Buff:
  • Lime Putty:
  • Antique White:
  • satin:
  • Driftwood:
  • Augusta Cream:
  • eggshell:
  • 200:
  • Atlanta Antique:
  • Santa Fe Brown:
  • santee straw:
  • sandpebble:
  • limestone:
  • desert sand:
  • sarhara brown:
  • pumpkin:
  • rustic brown:
  • champagne:
  • rainbow ivory:
  • ruby red:
  • maroon:
  • colonial red:
  • burlington:
  • carolina red:
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